Wire-Wrapped Vintage Freeform Sodalite Cabochon Leather Necklace

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Blue vintage stone with patches of white, probably sodalite, possibly prehnite, wire-wrapped and placed on a black leather cord.

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This is one of my favorite types of stones, even though it is very basic looking. This is an old piece of sodalite (my best guess). It is nicely polished but has a large crevice on the underside and a couple smallish ones on top. I am pretty sure these are natural crevices but the stone is pretty old and seems to also have a few fine lines from aging while in storage. So – please keep that in mind while looking. If it’s not sodalite, then it is probably actually prehnite, just not the usual color, from the Great Lakes region collected long ago, in the 1950s – 1970s. That is what it looks most like from photos I’ve seen in books. The stone is delicate, in terms of the surface being scratched, but should hold up in this setting with normal wear.

It is on an 18″ USA leather necklace with a mix of silver and silver tone findings.

This necklace is unisex – it could definitely make a great men’s gift necklace. Happy to adjust the cord length for you – just drop me a note with your order.