Rare Salmon, Pink and Tan Prehnite Stone on a 22″ Brass Chain Necklace

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Rare salmon, pink and brown vintage quartz stone from the Lake Superior region, on a necklace of brass chain, 22″. Can be custom-sized on request.

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Beautiful salmon, pink and brown prehnite or thomsonite zeolite semi-precious stone necklace. This stone has great color and a nice polish, from very limited vintage stock that I was gifted from an estate, mostly likely collected sometime during 1950s – 1970s, in storage since then. Growing up around the great lakes in the 1970s, this stone being very popular as a Christmas gift. Lake Superior banded agates of a type that is now quite hard to find were also very popular, and and the girls would wear pink thomsonite, rhodonite, or rhodochrosite – I myself receiving a pink and white rhodochrosite stone necklace in 8th grade at Christmas – my ‘best’ and favorite necklace (until the 1980s came and I received a big gold snake necklace). My best guess is this is actually very rare pink Thomsonite, but since it is rare, it is had to validate my theory. At any rate, it is quartz and a beautiful little stone with a nice polish.