Bloodstone (Heliotrope) Necklace from Vintage Stone, Wire-Wrapped on a Black Leather Cord Necklace


Dark vintage chalcedony bloodstone on a leather necklace.

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This is a rare, larger size beautiful old free-form bloodstone cabochon from the Lake Superior region which is known for its incredible array of native quartz. It is a darker stone, but the red spots are visible in brighter light. Bloodstone refers specifically to dark green chalcedony with the red and brown spots from iron oxide. Chalcedony is a member of the quartz family. This piece is very old, probably collected in the 1950s. This hard old stone is generally in beautiful shape. There is an indentation in the stone on one side, toward the top which is visible in the photo noted as side 2, which is technically the ‘back’ however because the stone is quite dark it is not very noticeable and it is basically wearable on both sides.

The cord necklace is 17″ with a 2″ chain extension. Mixed silver and nickel findings.

This necklace is unisex – it could definitely make a great men’s gift necklace. Send me a note if you need a different length of leather necklace, up to 28″ at no additional charge.