In addition to shopping online, you are welcome to contact me for an in-person showing.

First we have a look at the stones, the color array, and materials, then you have some time to yourself to spend more time looking and/or time to ask more questions. Also, please let me know if you want to do a birthstone consultation.

General hours for appointments:
Wednesdays 5 – 7 pm
Saturdays 10 – 3 pm

To schedule a visit, please text 312-337-2592 or email for an appointment anytime.

There are also some calendar spots available using the online calendar for the holidays. Please select a date in green to see the time slots available.

^ If blank, please scroll up

How to book online: Select a date in green. The time slots will appear in the table below. Please select one, then your number of people (1-3).

Generally I try to keep the maximum group size to three people. If you have more than three people, let me know and we can make alternative meeting arrangements. You are welcome to just call or text or use the online calendar here – which is used courtesy of Pullman Guest House where the showings are frequently held.

There is no charge for showroom appointments, but your phone number and email are required to hold your spot.

During our sales time I can explain to you which stones I have available. We can also do a birthstone consultation. Most styles can also be altered, in the sense of switching out silver for leather, or a certain color of necklace or length, at no additional charge at the time we meet.

I can also take minor jewelry repairs and reformations, however, I am not taking soldering work at this time. I charge by the hour + parts for repairs – $50 for the first hour, then $28 per hour thereafter. No fee for work consultation – come on by with your pieces for evaluation.